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StereoSnap / Truth - Homemade Sessions 6

StereoSnap / Truth - Homemade Sessions 6

Acknowledging the truth is one of the best ways of loving yourself. The truth really does set us free.


Sitting here, on the edge of tears
Seeing your number
Flash on my telephone
From another
Life time ago
Always knew we’d end this way
Never wanted to ever have to think about dealing with the pain
Tell me, man, what was I thinking?
That it would end in understanding?
That no hearts would ever be broken?

Funny what you’ll do to avoid the painful
Even when the outcome,
Is lethal
‘Better hurt a little than hurt a lot’
That’s what I thought
But then the little grew bigger
Than I thought it could

Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth

The silver tongue told me
That it would be alright
The heavy weight inside would be
The focus of a blind eye
Funny how I believed the liar when the liar was me
One lesson I’ve taken
One lesson I’ve learnt
Is to always be truthful
Even when it hurts

Got a lot of wisdom from what we’ve been through
Beauty from ashes
We rise
As I look ahead
I must confess
I’m confident
Cuz when the truth be told
Truth was known
And now I’m free at last

Love takes pleasure in the flowering of truth

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